Analysis and Design of RCC Bridge, PC Girder Bridge and Culvert’s by using MIDAS Civil with necessary Hand Calculations


Class Day                                : Weekly 2/3 Class

Class Time                              : 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm (2.5 hrs.)

Course Duration                     : 15X2= 30 hrs.

Welcome to Course on Analysis and Design of RCC Bridge, PC Girder Bridge and Culvert’s by using MIDAS Civil with necessary Hand Calculations. This course is a real project based course and contains real examples and a full fledge real Bridge project for better understanding.

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to design of RCC Bridge, PC Girder Bridge and Culvert’s.

Software Use:

  • MIDAS Civil
  • AutoCAD
  • MS Excel

Requirements for Attending the Course:.

  • To have the minimum understanding for Structural Design Courses.
  • To have a minimum understanding of Civil Engineering Knowledge.

Course Outline Details:

Session 01 – General overview on bridge design

  • Why Bridge
  • Bridge type
  • Selection of Bridge type
  • General Components of bridges
  • Design Sequence (Flow chart)
  • Design Codes
  • Data   requires for bridge design

Session 02 – Bridge Components

  • Foundation
  • Sub Structure
  • Super structure
  • Function of these components

Session 03 – Introduction to different codes and guidelines

  • AASHTO Bridge Design Specifications
  • Indian Standard (IS) Code
  • RHD and LGED Design guide lines/ Design manuals

Session 04 – Materials used in Bridge Industry

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Strand
  • Coupler
  • Anchorage System

Session 05– Deck Design by hand calculation

  • Deck system,
  • Load calculation
  • Analysis & Design

Session 06– Load Calculation for RCC Girder and Pier as per Code

  • Loads from various components
  • Live load
  • Wind load
  • Seismic load

Session 07– Bridge modelling using Midas Civil

  • Component Size selection
  • Load Input (Dead load & attachment load, pedestrian live load, vehicle live load, wind load, earthquake loads/Seismic load/ response spectrum)  
  • performing dynamic analysis
  • Finding the shear force and moments for components like girder, Pier, pile cap and pile.

Session 08– Design of Prestressed concrete girder by hand Calculation

  • Introduction to I girder
  • Load Calculation,
  • Prestress loss
  • SFD and BMD, load combination, selection of cable numbers and dia,
  • Analysis and design of the girder, design of cable profile  
  • Arrangements.

Session 09– Abutment design

  • Load calculation
  • Design of stem wall
  • Design of back wall
  • Design of wing wall
  • Design of pile cap and pile

Session 10– Culvert design

  • Pavement.
  • Road Embankment.
  • Headwall.
  • Wingwall.
  • Apron.
  • Crown.
  • Culvert Pipe.
  • Culvert Inlet.

Session 11– General ideas about bearing system and its design

  • Introduction.
  • Purpose
  • Type.
  • Use

Course Instructor:

Md. Kamal Hossain Shikdar, SEng
B.Sc (Civil), M.Sc (Structure), PhD (Ongoing)
Experience: 11 years +
Recently working as
Senior Structural Design Engineer (Bridge)
BCL Associates Limited
Engr. Md. Kamal Hossain Shikdar ,He is a certified Structural Engineer (S.Eng). He has work experience in Structural Design sector for 11+ years. He already worked in lots of RCC & PC Girder Bridge project in Bangladesh such as………….

01.SASSEC Road Connectivity Project -II
Segmental Box Girder Bridge – 02 Nos. 45m Span total length 315m
Flyovers 03 Nos. 2635 meter
Bridge 26 Nos. 1461.39 mete
Railway Overpass 1No. 411Meter
Box Culvert 161 Nos. 1102 Meter

02.Sub-regional Road Transport Project Preparatory Facility
Bridge 209 Nos
Flyover 07 Nos
Rail overpass– 3
Interchange -2

03.Reconstruction of Ujar–Zardab-Agjabadi Road (70.50 Km) Section under Second
Road Network Development Investment Program

No. of Bridges: 5
No. of Culverts: 6
Pipe Culvert : 02
Box type Culvert :04
Cattle Underpass: 01

Beside this He also worked in the project Consultancy Service for Governance and Infrastructure Improvement
(GII) Under City Governance Project (CGP) for Targeted Five (5) City Corporations.,Construction of Approach Roads (4-Lane) of Third Karnaphuli Bridge on Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Road (N1) (KFAED funded),Sub-regional Road Transport Project Preparatory Facility (Road component: package-2) under ADB loan 2688-BAN

He also worked in several Bangladeshi Structural Design Company & Consultant firms as Structural Designer.

He has following publication works

  1. Topic: Shear strength of RC beam made with Recycled Brick Aggregate
    Publisher: Engineering Structures 189 (2019) 497–508
  2. Topic: A comparative study between structural properties of pre- tensioned inverted T-girder
    and Actual post tensioned box girder in bridge construction.
    Publisher: KSCE Journal of Civil Engineer; September 2016, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp 2403–2409


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