44th BCS Question
Technical Part (Civil)
Date : 06.09.22

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May be an image of text that says "Water Resourees Engineering (Answeranytwo (Answer questions) Marks: 15x2-30 evapotranspiration? Marks consumptive gree that evapotranspiration crop. Describe any determining consumptive use wilting percentage torage capacity 0.75 weight 14% measures 75%, flood options river length depth tructure would 0.53622, effect salts along length and lant growth. strip points apart metres. Compute the vater probed. Net (iii) Leachingrequirement Environmental Engineering (Answer two Marks: 15x2=30 Determine the capita consumption and m/sec. crossing the highway the water supply peak discharge ofa settling 70.0 flow brief. ofraw water per hour when 10 overflow household often water purification, explain disinfection system who Iped /m² day. suggestion"
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May be an image of text that says "Asquare footing 2.5 size founded depth of m 30. The water table depth allowable soil pressure factor fsafety liquefaction? with Marks sandy deposit, which has rom ground surface. Find the net permissible settlement mm. parameters the field? Tiquefaction. describe he factors affecting field compaction. test names of most common ypes gm. The mass rollers including coated with paraffin mmersed water and without wax buck density, that ofsaturation. 18% specific gravity solids mass of wax, was found to displaced was found water content density, ratio and degree wax was"


Engr.Towhidul Islam
Upazila Assistant Engineer
LGED, Ministry of LGRD

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