Master Course on Steel Structure Analysis & Design considering Seismic effects as per BNBC 2020 (Using Staad.Pro Software with sufficient Manual Calculations)



★★ Total Class: 15 ~16 Nos
★★ Class Duration: 2.0 hrs. (Per Class)
★★ Class Start Time: 9.30 pm. (Weekly 02 days)
★★ Course Fee: 15,000/- (Discount Fee-12,000/-)  


★★ Design of a Single story shed
★★ Design of a two story shed (with Mezzanine Floor)
★★ Design of a multi-story building (5 storey)


Class-1: Basic Concepts on Steel Structure & Definitions

  • Staad pro connect edition update software installation procedure, software link.
  • Preliminary concept about building codes (BNBC, AISC, AISI, MBMA, ASCE etc.)
  • Basic of Structural Design
  • Basic of Steel structure
  • Steel building components
  • Definitions, 
  • Preliminary concepts on Structural Framing Systems
  • Occupancy Category

Class-2: General Requirements of Structural Design & Dead load & Live load as per BNBC-2020

• Serviceability

Drift Calculations
Irregularity brief discussion.

  • Dead Load calculation, 
  • Live Load, Reduction of Live loads.

Class-3: Wind Load Calculations as per BNBC-2020 – 01

  • Exposure conditions, Surface Roughness
  • Wind Load Calculations (Partially Enclosed, Fully Enclosed buildings) for mono slope roof, pitched roof, Flat roof,
  • Wind Load Calculations for low rise & all heights buildings

Class-4: Wind Load Calculations as per BNBC-2020 -02

  • Wind Load Calculations for Open bldg. for mono slope roof, pitched roof, Flat roof
  • Wind Load Calculations for Arched Roof

Class-5: Seismic Load Calculations & Load Combinations as per BNBC-2020

  • Soil Classifications as per SPT
  • Seismic Design Category
  • Design Base Shear calculations by equivalent static analysis

Class-6: Seismic Load Calculations & Load Combinations as per BNBC-2020

  • Vertical effects of Seismic load
  • Overstrength factor Effect
  • Load Combinations

Class-7: Design of a Single story shed using Staadpro-01

Basic layout of Staad Pro and its Application

Orientation of steel column

Plane and Space Frame Analysis

Modeling the 2D and 3D Frame

  • Orientation to Staad Editor
  • Tapered section is used in steel structure, why?
  • Use of various kinds of support system • Assigning the different kind of supports
  • Hairpin effects on Staad model.
  • Assigning the steel section sizes with respect to the design requirements
  • Creating the different kinds of load cases for Gravity and Lateral (Wind, Seismic)
  • Assigning the different kinds of Gravity loads

Class-8: Design of a Single story shed using Staadpro-02

  • Application of Wind force (Pressure & Suction force)
  • Wind load application on multi-gable & arch type shed, flat roof, arched roof.
  • Application of Seismic force in 2 or 3 ways
  • Creating load combination as per BNBC 2020 code 

Class-9: Design of a Single story shed using Staadpro-03

  • Tension member, Truss member & Moment Release of beams
  • Post Column Design
  • Bracing & Sturt member applications
  • Design parameters (CB, FYLD, Lx, Ly, Lz, MAIN, STIFF, TMAIN, UNB, UNT etc.) prior to run the analysis.
  • Warning & error solution in model by STAAD Editor.

Class-10: Design of a Single story shed using Staadpro-04

Comparing the Actual program Drift Vs. Code provisions

Checking deflections for gravity and lateral load as per BNBC.

Analysis & Design of member. Manual calculation of tension members, compression members,  Design of roof purlin and side girt using excel.

Class-11: Crane Load Application through staad model

  • Crane load manual calculation & design procedure by staad model
  • Drift calculate & check for crane load

Class-12: Design of a Multi-storied building with shed – 01

  • Modelling of Six Storied building with Stair
  • Geometry assign
  • Design Parameter Assign
  • Load Assign

Class-13: Design of a Six-storied building with shed – 02

  • Run Analysis & Design
  • Sway Check, 
  • Base Reaction, Axial force, moment output 

Class-14: Design of Base plate & Anchor bolt by Ram Connection

  • Base plate, Anchor bolt design by Ram Connection for fixed base and pinned base (With some manual calculations)
  • Shear lug design calculations by manual & software 

Class-15: Design of Moment connections by Ram Connection

  • Design of moment connection by RAM connection (Main beam to column, Rafter to column,

Rafter to Rafter, Column to column etc.)

SMF & IMF Connection on RAM & some brief about seismic detailing

Class-16: Splice connections, Sturt member connections, Bracing connections, Shear Connections by Ram Connection

  • Splice connection, Sturt member connection, Bracing Connection, Joist Connection, Post column connections by RAM with some manual calculations.

[N.B.: All lecture sheet, documents & sufficient drawing will be provided except soft copy of excel sheet. If anyone miss any class, then he/she will get chance to do that class with the next batch]

Anal Kanti Mondal 
B.Sc (Civil) , RUET
Total Experience (09 years)

Details of Experience: 09 Years

  1. Bashundhara Group – Currently Working – Executive Engineer-Structural Design (In the rank of Deputy Manager)
  2. PEB Steel Alliance Limited (PEBSAL) – Senior Structural Engineer
  3. Bangladesh Building System Limited (BBS) – Structural Engineer
  4. Composite Steel Structure Limited (CSSL) -Structural Engineer