Course on Project Management using MS Project & Primavera : A Complete Solution for Project Managers


These Course on Project Management using MS Project & Primavera has been designed to equip you with the skills needed for today’s diverse and demanding requirements in modern project management. Our training program offers hands on practical knowledge , practical implementation on live projects. Course on Project Management using MS Project & Primavera is conducted by specialists & working professionals having 8+ years of experience in implementing real time project.

These courses are for individuals who manage projects on an informal basis or who may be interested in a career path in Project Management and desiring a complete overview of the field and its generally accepted practices.

Course Content:

Part 01
Project Management using MS Project

Session- 1: Preface is complete in itself

  1. Using the Ribbon
  2. Navigating the Backstage view
  3. Finding commands
  4. Creating and saving projects
  5. Setting basic options
  6. Creating a project from an Excel workbook
  7. Copying tasks from another program
  8. Saving to other formats
  9. Importing and exporting

Session- 2: Prescribe by a prologue

  1. Creating a project from a template
  2. Setting up calendars
  3. Defining working and nonworking time
  4. Understanding Manual and Auto Schedule Task
  5. Creating a manual task 
  6. Creating an auto scheduled task
  7. Switching between manual and auto scheduling

Session- 3: Project Kickoff

  1. Creating a milestone task
  2. Creating a recurring task
  3. Creating a summary task
  4. Displaying summary tasks
  5. Inactivating a task
  6. Organizing tasks in a task list      
  7. Linking tasks      
  8. Adding Lag or lead time
  9. Setting task date constraints
  10. Splitting a task

Session- 4: Exploiting the resource

  1. Understanding resources
  2. Creating a work resource
  3. Creating a material resource
  4. Setting up costs for work and material resources
  5. Creating a cost resource              
  6. Assigning resources to tasks       
  7. Using Team Planner to assign resources
  8. Finding over all locations
  9. Assigning resources with effort-driven and non-effort-driven scheduling

Session- 5: Cognitive strengthening

  1. Understanding duration, work, and units
  2. Understanding baseline, schedule, and actual values
  3. Saving and clearing a baseline
  4. Adding tasks to a baseline
  5. Updating the schedule
  6. Rescheduling unfinished work
  7. Using earned value

Session- 6: Wring the Scene

  1. Choosing a view              
  2. Working with a table     
  3. Inserting and rearranging table columns
  4. Changing the settings for columns in a table
  5. Displaying two views at the same time   
  6. Using the Timeline view

Session- 7 : A radical overhaul

  1. Viewing project schedule status
  2. Sorting tasks and resources
  3. Grouping tasks and resources
  4. Filtering tasks and resources
  5. Modifying task bar styles and task bar text
  6. Working with graphical reports 
  7. Printing views and reports
  8. Working with the global template
  9. Sharing project information in other ways

Part 02
A Complete Solution for Project Managers : Primavera P6

Session- 1 :The epigram and the madrigal

  1. Download Primavera P6 Professional     
  2. Installing Primavera P6 Professional       
  3. Quick overview of PRIMAVERA interface
  4. Editing user preferences              
  5. Editing admin preferences          
  6. Adding a calendar to a project   

Session- 2 : Assembly Line

  1. Creating an Enterprise Project Structure – EPS   
  2. Creating a new project 
  3. Adding a work breakdown structure – WBS
  4. Activity Types and Milestones in Primavera P6
  5. Adding activities to a project
  6. Activity Percentage Complete   
  7. Updating activity status
  8. Activity Steps    
  9. Activity Codes  
  10. Rename Activity IDs       
  11. Suspended & Resume Activity   
  12. Adding relationships to activities

Session- 3 :Inexhaustible source

  1. Adding resources to a database
  2. Assigning resources to a project
  3. Assigning expenses to a project
  4. Updating a resourced schedule
  5. Resource Leveling           
  6. Stacked Histograms        
  7. Resource Usage Spreadsheet & Activity Usage Spreadsheet

Session- 4 : Vows to curb

  1. Adding a project constraint
  2. Adding an activity constrain
  3. Crashing & Fast Tracking
  4. Showing level of efforts for activities
  5. Claim Digger      
  6. Project Reflection           
  7. Look Ahead Filter
  8. Progress Spotlight
  9. View Log
  10. Scheduling Option

Session- 5 : A lemonade for the illusion

  1. Using Indicator for Schedule Status        
  2. Layout*, Creating a layout           
  3. Formatting Gantt Bars   
  4. Formatting Gant Chart View       
  5. Filters*, Using Filters
  6. Adding a baseline to a project
  7. Baseline Restore

Session- 6 : P6: Déjà vu or a Move forward

  1. Difference between % Type
  2. S-Curve
  3. Managing Multiple Projects        
  4. Exporting and Importing Projects Plans 
  5. Printing reports

Course For?

These courses are for individuals who manage projects on an informal basis or who may be interested in a career path in Project Management and desiring a complete overview of the field and its generally accepted practices.

1. Architects
2. Engineers (Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers & also others Engineering Sectors)
3. Environment & Health Safety related Officials
4. Geographical Information System (GIS) Analyst
5. Urban & Regional Planner (URP)
6. Fire Safety Officer
7. Industrial Compliance Officer
8. Occupational & Health safety officers
9. MEP professionals
and many more related to Project Management sectors


Instructor Info?

Engr. Mohammad Hasibul Haque

He has work experience in Civil Construction and Planning sector. He already worked in several mega project in Bangladesh such as Dhaka Metro Rail Project Line-6, Dohazari-Cox’s Bazar Rail Project, Gandhardpur Water treatment Plant,HSIA Terminal-3 (Expansion Project).

Nowadays He works on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Railway Bridge Project over Jamuna River. He also has work experience in several Bangladeshi Real Estate companies as QC Engineer, Planning Engineer.

Moreover He has experience as a trainer of Project Management and has run many training sessions over the last few years.


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