Class Day                               : Saturday and Wednesday
Class Time                             : 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm (2.5 hrs.)
Course Duration                    : 10X2.5= 25 hrs.


Class -1:

  • Objective and Scope of Plumbing.
  • Plumbing Drawing List Discussion.
  • Plumbing General Note and Legend Discussion.
  • Details Instruction of Water Supply, Sanitary Drainage Piping Layout.
  • BNBC-2020, Hand Note and Reference Book Discussion for Standard Fixtures, Appliances, Pipes, Fittings for Water Supply, Sanitary Drainage Work.
  • BNBC-2020 and Reference Book Discussion for Installation System of Plumbing Fixtures, Appliances and Fittings.


  • Necessary Layer Creating for Plumbing Option.
  • Discussion of Different Option for Plumbing Standard Duct Size.
  • Drawing of Water Supply, Soil, Waste, Vent & Rain Water Vertical Pipes Location and Installation Process in Plumbing Duct/Shaft.
  • Layout Drawing of Toilet Block’s Water Supply and Sanitary Pipes.
  • Assignment-01: Draw Toilet Block Plumbing Layout.


  • Layout Drawing of Water Supply Network at Building Roof Floor.
  • Rain Water Disposal Layout at Building Roof Floor Plan.
  • Layout Drawing of Ground Floor/Master Plan/Landscape Water Supply, Sanitary and Drainage Disposal System.
  • Assignment-02: Draw Ground Floor and Roof Floor Plumbing Layout.


  • Building Classification Discussion and Population Consumption as per BNBC-2020.
  • Water Supply Source and Water Supply System in Building.
  • Domestic Daily Water Capacity Calculation Methods as per BNBC-2020.
  • Underground Water Reservoir (UGWR) and Over Head Water Tank (OHWT) Design and Section Discussion.
  • Assignment-03: Classify a Building and Design UGWR and OHWT.


  • Plumbing Fixture Requirement According to BNBC-2020.
  • Water Supply Fixture Unit (WSFU), Flow, Pressure, Discharge, Velocity Chart Discussion as per BNBC-2020.
  • Fixture Demand Calculation Process (Cold & Hot Water Supply)
  • Water Supply Pipe Sizing Process (Toilet Block, Vertical, Roof) as per BNBC-2020.


  • Discussion of Basic Principles and Requirements for a Sanitary Drainage System.
  • Categories of Sanitary Drainage System.
  • Different Way of Drainage System for a Building.
  • Drainage Fixture Unit (DFU), Trap Size and Soil, Waste, Vent Pipe Sizing Process as per BNBC-2020.


  • Basic of Storm Water Management.
  • Various Use of Rain Water for Building.
  • Components of Rain Water Collection.
  • Determining Catchment Area for a Multistorey Building.
  • Discussion of Hourly Rainfall Intensity for Different District of Bangladesh as per BNBC-2020.
  • Sizing and Positioning of Rain Water Down Pipe (RWDP) and Gutter.
  • Assignment-4: Water Supply and Sanitary Drainage Design for a Building.


  • Peak Demand Calculation for a Building.
  • Lifting Pump Selection According to Pump HP, Discharge, Efficiency and Head Discussion.
  • Design of Individual Water Heater & Storage Tank Capacity According to Building Type and Fixture Unit Method.


  • Basic of Septic Tank.
  • Design of Septic Tank According to BNBC-2020 and PWD.
  • Basic of Soak Well.
  • Design of Soak Well According to BNBC-2020 and PWD.
  • Final Assignment: Plumbing Design for a Multistorey Building.



  • Plumbing Fixture, Appliances, Fitting, Valve, Equipment, Water Supply and Sanitary Pipe Quantity Determining as per Design.
  • Plumbing & Sanitary BOQ as per PWD-2018 Rate Schedule.

Md. Johirul Islam Raju
Engineer, Plumbing Design & Installation.
Certified Assessor (Plumbing),
Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

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