Class Day                                : Weekly 2/3 Class

Class Time                              : 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm (2.5 hrs.)

Course Duration                     : 10X2.5= 25 hrs.


Class -1:

  • Introduction of Plumbing.
  • Plumbing Practice: Global Perspective.
  • Scope of Plumbing Systems.
  • Importance of Plumbing System for Buildings.
  • Plumbing Practice & Plumbing Practitioners.
  • Fixtures and Appliances.
  • Pipes and Fittings.
  • Accessories and Appurtenances.
  • Plumbing Drawing List Discussion.
  • Plumbing General Note and Legend Discussion.
  • Details Instruction of Water Supply, Sanitary Drainage Piping Layout.
  • BNBC-2020 and Reference Books Discussion for Installation System of Plumbing Fixtures, Appliances and Fittings.


  • Introduction of Plumbing Planning.
  • Concerns & Considerations in Planning.
  • Software’s for Plumbing.
  • Major Planning Systems for Buildings.
  • Symbols and Abbreviations in Plumbing Systems.
  • Discussion of Water Supply Systems in Buildings.
  • Discussion of Drainage Systems in Buildings.
  • Discussion of Rain Water Disposal Systems in Buildings.
  • Duct/Shaft Sizing Considerations.
  • Necessary Layer Creating for Plumbing Option.
  • Drawing of Water Supply, Soil, Waste, Vent & Rain Water Vertical Pipes Location and Installation Process in Plumbing Duct/Shaft.
  • Layout Drawing of Toilet Block’s Water Supply and Sanitary Pipes.
  • *** Assignment-01: Draw Toilet Block Plumbing Layout.


  • Layout Drawing of Water Supply Network at Building Roof Floor.
  • Rain Water Disposal Layout at Building Roof Floor Plan.
  • Layout Drawing of Ground Floor/Master Plan/Landscape Water Supply, Sanitary and Drainage Disposal System.
  • Layout Drawing of Basement Drainage System.
  • Assignment-02: Draw Basement, Ground Floor and Roof Floor Plumbing Layout.


  • Plumbing Fixture Requirement According to BNBC-2020.
  • Water Supply Fixture Unit (WSFU), Flow, Pressure, Discharge, Velocity Chart Discussion.
  • Fixture Demand Calculation Process (Cold & Hot Water Supply).
  • Water Supply Pipe Sizing Process (Toilet Block, Vertical, Roof).
  • Discussion of Hot Water Supply System for Buildings.


  • Discussion of Basic Principles and Requirements for a Sanitary Drainage System.
  • Categories of Sanitary Drainage System.
  • Different Way of Drainage System for a Building.
  • Drainage Fixture Unit (DFU), Trap Size and Soil, Waste, Vent Pipe Sizing Process.


  • Basic of Storm Water Management.
  • Various Use of Rain Water for Buildings.
  • Components of Rain Water Collection.
  • Determining Catchment Area for a Multistorey Building.
  • Discussion of Hourly Rainfall Intensity for Different District of Bangladesh as per BNBC-2020.
  • Sizing and Positioning of Rain Water Down Pipe (RWDP) and Gutter.
  • Assignment-4: Water Supply and Sanitary Drainage Design for a Building.


  • Building Classification Discussion and Population Consumption.
  • Water Supply Source and Water Supply System in Buildings.
  • Domestic Daily Water Capacity Calculation Methods.
  • Underground Water Reservoir (UGWR) and Over Head Water Tank (OHWT) Design and Section Discussion.
  • Assignment-03: Classify a Building and Design UGWR and OHWT.


  • Introduction of Different Types of Pumps.
  • Discussion of Head, Discharge, Efficiency, HP, etc.
  • Pressure Boosting and Flow Boosting System.
  • Centrifugal Pump, Sump Pump Capacity Calculation and Selection according to PWD 2018 Schedule.
  • Pump Installation Discussion.
  • Peak Demand Calculation for a Building.
  • Design of Individual Water Heater & Storage Tank Capacity According to Building Type and Fixture Unit Method.


  • Discussion of Effluent and Sludge Management.
  • Introduction of Septic Tank System.
  • Design of Septic Tank According to BNBC, PWD, BR, MES, etc.
  • Introduction of Soak Well System.
  • Design of Soak Well According to BNBC, PWD, BR, MES, etc.
  • Introduction of Advance Plumbing Technology.
  • Final Assignment: Design Plumbing System for a Multistorey Building.



  • Plumbing Fixtures, Appliances, Fittings, Valves, Equipment’s, Water Supply and Sanitary Pipes Quantity Analysis as per Design.
  • Plumbing & Sanitary BOQ as per PWD-2018 Rate Schedule.


Engr. Md. Johirul Islam Raju
Plumbing Engineer,
China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC).
Certified Assessor (Plumbing),
Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB)..

Engr. Md. Johirul Islam Raju, He has work experience in Plumbing & Sanitary sector for 7+ years. He already worked in 150+ residential & industrial project in Bangladesh. Such as, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd (APSCL), Sheikh Hasina University, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Railway Bridge Construction Project, DTCA, RHD, Rajshahi University, RUET, DSHE, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Dhaka Elevated Expressway (DEE) PPP Project of BBA, Sabrang & Naf Tourism Park, etc. He also worked in several Bangladeshi Real Estate companies, Developers & Consultant firms as Plumbing Consultant.

Nowadays he also works as an Assessor of Plumbing trade in Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). he has experience as a Trainer, Assessor of Plumbing and has run many training sessions over the last few years.

Design Integrity

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