BUET, WRE- M.Sc. Admission Test (2015) Question


Water Resources Engineering Department, BUET
M.Sc. Admission Test 2015
Total Mark

MCQ part

1. True False + Fill in the Blanks + MCQ = 20 marks.  (WRE related)

Written part (Each question is for 5 marks.)

1. Prove that the liquid pressure at a point inside the liquid is same in all direction?

2. Sketch the possible flow profiles in the following combination of slopes:

a) Mild slope – Milder slope

b) Milder slope – Steeper slope

c) Steeper slope – Mild slope

d) Horizontal slope – Vertical slope

3. Define Specific energy. From dimensionless specific energy curve for rectangular channel, find Yc.

4. Define Froude number. A rectangular channel has a bottom width of 10 m and depth of the flow is 1 m. Discharge of the channel is 2.6 m/s. Determine the state of flow.

5. The peak of a flood hydrograph due to a 3-h duration isolated storm in a catchment is 270 m3/s. The total depth of rainfall is 5.9 cm. Assume average infiltration loss of 0.3 cm/h and a constant base flow of 20 m3/s. Estimate the peak of the 3-h unit hydrograph of this catchment, if the area of the catchment is 567 km2. Determine the base width of the 3-h unit hydrograph by assuming it to be triangular is shape.

6. A bridge has an expected life of 25 years and is designed for a flood magnitude of return period 100 year. What is the rise of this hydrologic design? If a 10% risk is acceptable, what return period will have to be adopted?

7. Find the vapor pressure deficit from the following data. Maximum temperature of the day 35°C, minimum 11°C, dew point temperature 9.5°C, Temperature at 8 am is 12.5°C.

8. If the concentration of  Na, Ca, and Mg in a water sample is 345, 60, 18 mg/l respectively find the SAR.

9. A soil has a field capacity of 25%, Permanent wilting point of 15% and specific weight 14.7 KN/m^3. If the root zone depth of the grown crop is 90 cm, find out its available moisture holding capacity.

10. Find out the discharge through a sand column of length of 20 cm and diameter of 5 cm. Take permeability, k of sand 75 m/day and head loss during the flow through sand column is 2 cm.

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