CPGCBL – 2018
Post: Assistant Engineer (Civil)
Venue: BUET

1. Draw qualitative shear and flexural crack in a simply supported RC beam.

2. Draw SFD and BMD for the following beam.

3. Determine the allowable compressive load in the following column having cross section 20” x 20” with 10-3/4” bar used given fc’ = 3 ksi and = 60 ksi.

4. For a sand sample 20% retained on each of #16, #30, #40 and #50 and rest 20% retain on #100 and #200 sieve equally. Find FM of this sample.

5. The difference between the maximum and minimum void ratio is 0.3 and field void ratio is 0.4. If relative density is 66.6% then find out the saturated density at its loosest condition. Specific gravity of the soil sample is 2.65

6. Determine the co-efficient of volume change if the settlement is 5 cm for 7.5 m clay layer having increasing pressure of 80 kg/cm2.

7. Two close wheel imparted 20.5 KN load on each road. The applied pressure is 0.7 Mpa. If the two wheel is replaced by a single wheel of same property, then find out the imparted effective diameter on soil (by considering circular imparted effect) by the single wheel.

8. CBR value found of 10 km length as 3.8, 2.8, 3.2, 4.3 2.8, 4.7, 4.3, 3.9, 4.1 and 4.5%. Find the average CBR, standard deviation, CBR at 50% and 90% reliability

9. One million gallon litres of water (1 mgd) flows through a sedimentation tank. If the size of the tank is 20’ x 50’ x 10’, find the detention time of the tank

10. Rainfall intensity is 2.4 m/yr. Runoff coefficient is 0.7. Find the minimum catchment area for the daily water demand is 15 lpcd of 7 people.

11. A drain of 15 cm diameter is laid at the end of a channel. The slope is 0.3% and manning’s coefficient is 0.014. Find the minimum drainage area in hector where value of drainage coefficient 15 cm/day.


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