BUET MURP(Master of Urban and Regional Planning) Admission Preparation


Who Can participate MURP Admission test ?

The department offers Master’s degree at the graduate level. Various backgrounds students can attend Admission test such as Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Agricultural Economics, Geography, Sociology, Social Welfare, Statistics, Mathematics and Public administration.

Course Outcome ?

MURP course has principally been designed focusing in fields as Urban planning, Rural development planning, Regional planning, Transportation planning, Municipal and Local level planning and development, Disaster management planning and Housing policy.

MURP by Course and Thesis:

Total Credit = 36 credit hours
Research Work=18 credit hours

The applicants without a BURP background required to earn 12 extra credit hours.

MURP by Course and Project:

Total Credit = 36 credit hours
Project Work = 8 credit hours

The applicants without a BURP background required to earn 12 extra credit hours.

Admission Preparation

Marks Distribution & Exam Pattern:

Admission question will be fully written.

Total Mark=50

1. Multiple Choice-5
2. True/False-5
3.Short Note-20
4.Graph Analysis-10
5.Focus Writing-10


Basically no margin is fixed for this test because of various disciplines can admitted this zone. Basics and current news of environment, Surveying, City Planning, FAR etc is more important for Admission test.

Though every year candidates are increasing too much so may be test will be tougher. Now I will give some hint’s for better preparation as contingent as previous test question

  1. There will be a topic on focus writing, Discussion on a recent issue.
    As like ‘Describe Water logging is the final outcome of Unplanned Dhaka city. (oct 15 Admission test)’ or “ Unplanned Dhaka city is makes more vulnerable to earthquake”(17 Admission test) etc
  2. Some abbreviation. as like “ DEP, FAR,RAJUK, DAP……………….. & others related to Urban, Regional planning, Surveying, Architecture etc
  3. Type of Land uses. As like “ Stadium for open space and recreation
  4. A graph will be given and you have to describe that.
  5. Math: Far Calculation, Mean , Median ,Mood , Set Back , Ground coverage, Scale of map
  6. Recent Policy for our country , (Disaster management plan, SDG, Environment Act )
  7. Basic difference. as like Hazard vs Disaster, Slum vs Squatter, Vulnerability vs Hazard etc
  8. Some Math on probability
  9. Basis , objective, goal, extension area of Rajuk Plan , Master plan 1960, Structural plan 1995-2015, structural plan 2016-2035
  10. Some basics of GIS
  11. Recent Environmental issue related news
  12. Some Basic theory on town Plan , As like Concentric Zone theory

Others:(Such type of topics are important but they are not fixed syllabus)

  1. Why do you want to study urban and regional planning?
  2. Explanation of the basic concepts of planning: Environment, change, managing
  3. Stages of interaction between humankind and environment
  4. Examples of planning in ancient civilizations
  5. Reasons for the establishment of modern planning and planning profession (19th century)
  6. Reasons for height zoning (End of the 19th and the early 20th centuries)
  7. What can be the function of cities in (post-industrial) future?
  8. The concept of a “city of short distance”; relation between urban density and transportation mode
  9. Urban and non-urban land-use classes
  10. Lot lines, building lines, their function: in which types of plans are used?
  11. Floor-area ratio
  12. Approaches to redevelopment of declined urban areas: policy and planning context, actors, planning and economical instruments, outcomes. What could by the social, economic and ecological impacts of the redevelopment. Present some cases.
  13. Shrinking cities?
  14. What is the relation between transportation and land use?
  15. What are the major concerns of a regional planner?
  16. What is a City? Why do Cities Matter?
  17. Urban Renewal and Suburbanization

This is a rough coverage. I never ensure question will as I focused here. Hope for good luck.

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