Bangladesh Bank-2018
Assistant Director (CIVIL)
Exam Venue: Central Women’s College
Exam taken by: Dhaka University (Arts faculty)

1. (a) Calculate volume of earthwork necessary for a portion of an irrigation canal from the following data by trapezoidal rule. 


1. (b) The length of the line measured with 20 m chain found to be 250 m. It was subsequently found that the chain was 10 cm to long. What is the length of line?

2. (b) The following materials with given masses are used to produce a batch of concrete. What is the volume of concrete if the air content is 3%? (Air content is the volume of air expressed as a percentage of the concrete volume)

MaterialsCementWaterSSD (FA)SSD (CA)
Mass (kg)2791667601044
SP. Gravity3.151.002.60 (bulk SSD)2.63 (bulk SSD)

3. (a) Draw Shear force and bending moment diagram of the following figure.

3. (b) Modulus of elasticity of mild steel is 30 x 106 psi and its Poisson’s ratio is 0.25. Determine the Modulus of rigidity of mild steel.

4. (a) A one-way slab is supported on RC beam as shown. The working live load is 60 psf. Design the slab. (Given,  = 60 ksi, fc’ = 4 ksi)

4. (b) The span of a beam 10’ long and ends are fixed. The maximum load controlled by the capacity in the negative moment region. Based on the flexural requirements, what is the maximum uniform live load the beam can carry? (  = 40ksi, fc’=3.5 ksi,  = 140.2 k-in,  = 0.62 in2)

4. (c) What is development length? A RCC beam is to be designed to carry a shear force Vu of 30K. No web reinforcement is to be used, and fc’= 4ksi. What is the minimum cross section if controlled by shear?

5. (a) Moist soil sample total volume 1.2 m3 and total mass 2350 kg, Specific gravity 2.71 and water content 8.6%. Find i) Porosity ii) Degree of saturation.

5. (b) What is PIEV? General requirements of a Traffic Control device.

5. (c) Radius of a horizontal circular curve is 100 m. The design speed is 50 kmph and design co-efficient of lateral friction is 0.15. Calculate super elevation required if full lateral friction is assumed to develop.

6. (a) A rectangular gate 2 m wide and 1.5 m high is in a vertical plane. The gate is immersed vertically downwards, the top side being at a depth of 3 m below the free surface. Find the force exerted by the water on the gate and the position of center of pressure.

6. (b) Design stable alluvial channel using Lacey’s theory. The channel is to carry 10 m3/s through 1 mm sand.

6. (c) Define Duty and Delta. Show the relationship between Duty and Delta.

7. (a) Ten 5 ml samples of waste water one placed in 300 ml BOD bottles and diluted to full volume. Half of the bottles are tasted immediately and the average initial concentration of dissolved oxygen = 7.9 mg/L the remaining bottles are incubated for 5 days after which the average dissolved oxygen is determined to be 4.5 mg/L (K1 = 0.13 day-1) Find out- i) Standard BOD ii) Ultimate carbonaceous BOD.

7. (b) Project consisting of six activities.

Immediate predecessorsBA,CAD,E

Construct the project network. Find out the earliest time and the late time.

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